Science and Humanity Department

Faculty Photo
Dr. Prakash Maruti Patil I/C HOD Science Lect. In Maths
Shri. Sudarshan Krushnarao Patil Lecturer in English
Sou. Sunita Vidyadhar Gat Lecturer in Mathematics
Shri. Mahadeo Siddhappa Kagwade Lecturer in Chemistry
Sou. Saoubai Baba Wakshe Lecturer in Chemistry
Shri. Prashant Sadashiv Gawari Lecturer in Chemistry (Shift- II)
Sou. Shailaja Shankar Sankpal Lecturer in Physics
Sou. Shital Baburao Khot Lecturer in Physics
Shri. Bhagchand Babasaheb Arjun Lecturer in English
Shri. Piyush Dinesh Malpure Lecturer in English

About GPK

The Institute has the privilege of being the First Academically Autonomous Government Polytechnic in the state. Being rich with faculty of high qualifications, modernized laboratories and infrastructure, the Institute has progressed serving the industry and society.

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