OBE Norms

Outcome-based Curriculum

Outcome based curriculum is the curriculum based on the concepts of outcome-based education (OBE) philosophy. India is a permanent signatory of the Washington Accord – the international agreement among bodies responsible for accrediting engineering programmes with the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) as the national authority for accrediting degree and diploma programmes in engineering in India. Hence as per the accreditation criteria of the NBA, the curriculum of the Institute is expected to be outcome based.

Outcome Based Education (OBE) is an educational approach in which all the activities of an education system are based on attainment of pre-defined learning outcomes of student. The approach is to be included in the following three aspects of education system :i) Curriculum Design, ii) Curriculum Implementation, iii) Students’ Evaluation. The flow diagram shown below summarizes the elements of Outcome-based Education System. The glossary of terms used in academic autonomy and OBE are provided for reference.