Common facilities

Common Facilities in the Library

A) Availability of relevant learning resources including e-resources and digital library.

  • The Library facilities include Reading room with issue of text/reference books.
  • Library and Information Centre has a collection of over 40198 Volumes, 2250 Reference Books, 35 + International / National journals, 560 No.of CDs, 50 VDO Cassettes, +05 No of periodicals, 8 various Local News Papers.
  • Home issue of 1 book per students of each branches of each year for period of One week.  
  • Book Bank facility to all eligible students every Semester. 
  • Free Book Bank sets are issued to all SC/ST Candidates every Semester.
  • Multimedia PCs are maintained for database and other resources access.
  • Availability of NPTEL resources./Digital Library is available over Internet.
  • NPTEL lessons are available and can be accessed through internet
  • The library is fully computerized with Vidyasagar Library Management System Software with Open Access to all Students and Staff through OPAC software. Through OPAC , New arrivals display, guidence to Student on project, Seminars to collect information from available resources.
  • The Library has subscription of National as well as International magazines in the relevant technological and general science areas. Which are purchased as per requirement of the individual departments need/demands, and issued to the said dept.
  • Journals are subscribed at regular intervals. Search can be done by using OPAC System.
  • Apart from Central Library each department is having internal departmental library which is exclusively used by the faculty members and Students of the parent Dept. All computer systems are connected through LAN with the Internet facility.

    B)  Accessibility to Students.
  • The library works on all days of the year (excluding Government holidays) to the students.  
  • The database repositories of Specimen Question Papers are available on Institution’s website and accessible to Students of all disciplines to download.
  • The centrally Reading rooms are available for both Girls and Boy Students separately can accommodate over +75 students and separate area for staff research references.