Features & Autonomy

Academic Autonomy And MPEC System

  • Academic Autonomy was introduced in 1992
  • Flexibility and Multi-Point Entry and Credits System(MPEC) were introduced in 1994
  • Diploma of this polytechnic is EQUIVALENT with all MSBTE-affiliated polytechnics in Maharashtra.

A certificate to that effect is given to every pass-out of this polytechnic. So students of this polytechnic are treated AT PAR with other polytechnics of Maharashtra for SY Degree admissions as well as for jobs in industries.

Salient Features Academic Autonomy

  • Curriculum design and revision by the Institute itself:1992,MPECS-2001,MPECS-2006,MPECS-2010,MPECS-2013,MPECS-2016
  • Conduct of examination and assessment by the Institute itself:Paper-setting & assessment is done partly internally & partly externally
  • Award of Diploma by the Institute itself:Annual Convocation Ceremony